Elevator Shaft

Jasper Börnsen



From forklifts to NFTs, seems like a reach? Before going down the rabbit hole of NFTs and the metaverse, Jasper was in the sector of intralogistics as strategic head of service sales. That’s how fast things change. After buying crypto for the first time in 2019 his interest in digital assets, blockchains, metaverses, and NFTs grew. Jasper joined Justaddsugar and it only took two short months to transform his passion into his job. As the NFT hype exploded in early 2021, the market sentiment was ripe for welcoming this new technology – and thus, Justaddmeta was born. Bringing in talent, materializing ideas, and establishing connections with partners was his primary objective. As regulatory, technical, and strategic challenges began to mount, it became clear that a solution was needed to simplify the on-ramp process for brands.