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Discovery Workshops

Preparing your brand for the metaverse

Our workshops are the result of hands-on experiences in web3/ virtual experiences and the sessions we have conducted with our clients in web2 and web3 up till now, combined with our expertise in the social game. Main focus lays with education and ideation around web3, NFTs, and the metaverse. The deliverables depend on the agreed upon scope. From educational content to holistic strategies complimented with a roadmap and possible companies to work with.




It is imperative to understand that every client has different needs and a varying level of knowledge when it comes to web3, the metaverse and its associated technologies. Consequently, we work closely with the project teams in order to understand their status and adapted the workshops accordingly.


It is the primary objective of our workshops to explore opportunities, identify stakeholders, set key milestones, and develop 2-3 concepts for further exploration. It is possible to customize the output of our workshops according to the needs of each client. However, in general, we provide a roadmap with milestones and concept briefs for our agency partners. We aim to provide stakeholders with a clear understanding of the internal skills and external partners they will need along the way, as well as possible routes to follow.

Justaddmeta und Jasper haben uns einfach, kompetent und verständlich, die Grundlagen des Buzzwords Meta vorgestellt. Experten, die Wissen auch vermitteln können. Danke!

Christoph Kamps

CEO, KMB Creative Network AG

Danke Jasper, dass du uns so interaktiv in die Welt des Metaverse und web3 geführt hast. Die Masterclass hat uns klargemacht, welche digitalen Zukunftschancen das Metaverse für uns und unsere Kunden bietet. “Metaverse schafft Möglichkeiten sich in unserer digitalen Welt erfolgreich zu positionieren” - zu erfahren, welche Unternehmen diesen Vorteil bereits nutzen und welche Anwendungsfälle es gibt, war super spannend. Wir freuen uns, dass du uns mit deiner offenen und professionellen Art mit auf diese Reise genommen hast!

Nicole Ludewig

Lead Project Management, Lemundo GmbH


The question of where to start the journey into web3 and the metaverse is not as easy to answer as it may seem. Our customized workshops assist clients in navigating the landscape and provide context in order to make informed decisions regarding future courses of action.