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Digital scavenger throughout the harbor of Hamburg

A unique and memorable celebration was called for on the occasion of the 833rd anniversary of the Hamburg harbor. As a collective, the Moinweb3 community organized a digital scavenger hunt within the harbor, the 'Fischkoppjagd'. Getting to know landmarks and the history of the harbor, web3 edition.



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Creating a fun and engaging tour through the Hamburg harbor that would appeal to a wide audience. Secretly introducing web3 applications, while keeping the look and feel web2ish.


Participants were invited to search for and claim POAPs (digital badges) hidden throughout the area. In the end, the most determined seekers that located all of them were rewarded with a special badge. At every location community members were stationed to talk about the landmarks and at the same time educate about how the project is set up.



The Fischkoppjagd was a success, attracting participants with different background and providing them with an introduction to web3 and related technologies. Incorporating POAPs and the digital scavenger hunt format made for a fun and educational experience that left a lasting impression.