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With Jasper's expertise in the field, he has participated in numerous panel discussions alongside project leads from major tech companies, including Google and Meta. Essentially, we aim to drive mass adoption of web3 technology and provide interested individuals with a means to explore its capabilities.



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We face a number of challenges on our mission to mass adoption, one of the main ones being educating and informing about the potential uses and benefits of web3 technology. We believe that by engaging in discussions and sharing knowledge about these topics, we can demystify web3 technology and make it more accessible to a broader audience.


Being a part of and a voice at events shaping the field of web3, NFTs and the metaverse by the means of keynotes or panel discussions. By diving into a wide range of topics, including use cases, digital identities, and future possibilities for brands, we provide an educated guess (prediction) of how the space will evolve and what approaches will help strengthen the brand and the relation to the customers. Overall, we increase the awareness of how to benefit and revolutionize existing business models by the means of web3.


The impact we have already had on increasing understanding of web3 technology is something we are extremely proud of. The goal of this work is to continue to reach as many people as possible through a variety of platforms, industries, and events.