Elevator Shaft

Sugar Coat

The sweetest NFT ever

In honor of our three-year anniversary, JUSTADDSUGAR decided to do something truly special to mark the occasion. Our employees had the chance to meet for the first time in person after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic at this memorable event. Our celebration was further enhanced by the launch of a special 'crew' NFT.



Our Partners


Many of our employees had limited experience with web3 technology. Thus, no one was part of the web3 space and thereby didn’t know what an NFT is and secondly had no wallet. We started out with a short intro “Into the metaverse” though which everyone got a sense of what it’s all about. The second step was the creation of a wallet. And in the end, we needed to create a visually striking piece in order to make the NFT appealing to everyone and foster a sense of belonging within our newly formed Justaddmeta division.


We turned to our partner, The Next Cartel, for support. We collaborated to design a custom digital fashion piece that blended the everyday with the futuristic. Although the 3D rendering was impressive, it was the see-through tubes on the outside of the jacket that gradually filled with sugar that stood out most. As part of our effort to personalize the NFT for each employee, we incorporated their “employment number” on the coat for the individual touch.




It was a resounding success. We onboarded the whole company into the web3 space, introduced the possibilities of web3 and fostered a sense of belonging within our organization. After all, it was just the beginning, with much more to come.