Elevator Shaft


The hunt begins now

Learning by doing. It is easy to talk about the potential in web3 and the applications that come with it, we decided to develop them ourselves and walk the talk. With SUMMERJAM we capitalized on the opportunity to development customized in-house solutions and created a project that showcases our skills and at the same time gave the chance to onboard partners and customers.



Making it as easy and captivating as possible while providing a seamless, for most people first, web3 experience. Additionally, we needed a compelling narrative in order to convey the full capabilities of the underlying technology, following the initial drop/mint.


We set out on a manhunt in the year 2091 and offer holders, as part of a special task force, the challenge of hunting down a group of fugitives. The unknown individuals escape justice regularly and somewhat embody our JUSTADDMETA Crew on their mission to offer a way into new universes. Through the story, we use highlights to convey a variety of applications. Some of them being a token-gated member area, “phygital” products that can be claimed by burning the corresponding NFT, quests that are rewarded with digital badges, easter eggs that need to be found, air drops for participating in events and many more. In order to achieve the most seamless experience and improve continuously, we invited partners, friends, and customers both in the web2 and web3 to bring a diverse range of perspectives and feedback to the project.



While we were aiming to build a project to present our skills, it helped us to get an even deeper understanding of the challenges that arise. Secondly, all employees of Justaddsugar got deeper into the space by collecting their second NFT. Last but not least and most important, we were able to demonstrate the potential of the underlying technology by providing a first-hand experience for all hunters.