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Add SublineSneak peek into the future of virtual experiences

Today, everyone knows how VR glasses look like. Most have heard about how it feels wearing them and what virtual reality can be used for. At the same time, many have not experienced it themselves. We want to change that and provide a sneak peek into virtual reality.



How does a VR day look like? What experiences are interesting for which companies? Putting together the right applications to inspire the usage not only for personal entertainment but as tool for challenges within different industries.


By providing a guided tour into virtual reality for small groups or as “taster course” with bookable slots for bigger groups, companies and their employees get to experience the possibilities without having to buy the equipment, dive deeper into the applications or make use of the investment afterward. At the same time, it does not have to be part of a bigger plan. Why not incorporate a VR session into events like a summer party or the Christmas event?


While the application side of virtual reality such as design, 3D modeling, production planing, training, simulation or others is very interesting, a gamified approach helps to get a feeling about the possibilities of VR. A first step by experiencing a mix of games and other applications provides a great first touchpoint with what future working may look like.